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ESP (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical) Trauma Release

ESP Trauma Release has been developed by Doctor Koger after more than 25 years of clinical experience utilizing an integrative approach. The criteria for selecting these approaches to healing are their consistent results for the thousands of clients seeking relieve from suffering and disease. The techniques have produced outstanding results for those wanting and seeking spiritual and emotional growth.

This is a process of testing and treating emotional, spiritual and physical traumas and needs using Total Body Scanning and other modalities based on protocols developed by Dr. Koger.

During your Session Dr. Koger will identify the current core trauma and use the appropriate modality to facilitate release of the trauma. This process identifies issues, symptoms and diseases which are linked back to the original trauma. Dr. Kogers’ process activates positive beliefs and programs which stimulate total body healing. This process allows you to identify and eliminate the cause of disease.

Recently Dr. Koger used ESP Trauma Release on a 14 year old girl, who came in with a long list of diagnosis including OCD. Her mother described her as “insane” before the treatments. She had in fact had some suicidal wrist cutting and several self destructive behaviors. She responded positively to the ESP Trauma Release. During the neural responsetesting portion of ESP she tested positive for Lymes and we began the holistic protocol for Lymes. Mother and child found it hard to believe that she had Lymes so they had lab testing done. The lab test confirmed our findings and was positive for Lymes.

Mother writes the following letter about half way through the therapy:

Hi Paula,

Attached are lab results for allergens and Lymes. Just thought you may want a copy. Thank you for the great work with us. She really seems to be doing well.