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Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:28 PM
Subject: A message from you student Hxxxxxxxxxxx
To: apkoger@gmail.com

Dear Dr. Koger,
I am following my intuition and writing to you. This is Hxxxxx (xxx, xxxx with curly hair) and I work at xxxxxxx and was in your class the past two weeks. I wanted to write to you after last week’s class but talked myself out of it and decided to wait and see what happened this week.

Very soon after our first meeting, I felt that you were going to be an important next step in what I am here to do. I felt you could look right through me and see my inner self. I have always had a fear of that, so I have always avoided looking people in the eye directly. But somehow it felt safe to look in your eyes and let you see me.

What my next step is I do not know right now. I am hoping you could help me figure that out. As you stated in the class, you never impose yourself on anyone. You only work with those that say “HERE, OVER HERE, I AM READY!” Well here I am! I have no idea what I need or what is next. All I know is I am open and ready to go. I also have no idea what working with you costs. At this time I can not fully support myself so my family helps, but I am willing to invest in myself in how ever I am able.

A little about me. ………………..
or “tapping” on my acupuncture points using a system called EFT which has gotten me to this point. So many of the concepts of chakras, energy systems, higher self ect. is very new to me. I just feel like a big sponge trying to soak it all in. I am half way through the “Untethered Soul” as you suggested and have been gaining much insight from it.

I am off of work on Thursday the 18th and would very much like to talk to you on that day if possible, as I indicated on the class form. My home number is 941-xxx-xxxx. I am excited to talk with you and have you share your insights with me. All of us from the store knew that you had something very powerful to offer to people after spending time with you. Thank you for your time and the work that you do. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Date: Wed, June 2, 2010 at 7:42 AM
Subject: what a difference a week and a couple of blue Homeopathic Remedies make
To: apkoger@gmail.com

Dr. Koger,
You are good - you know what you are doing. I am sleeping with no sleeping pills. I don't fell like I get drawn into things like I used to. My energy has gone way up. My headaches have gone from 3 a week to only occasionally slight headaches. The bowels are moving well for the first time in my life.
Thank you

Date: Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 7:39 PM
Subject: I met you tonight @ St. Joes.
To: apkoger@gmail.com

Dear Paula,
I had to write to you as soon as I was home! It was wonderful meeting you tonight and listening to your presentation, which I thoroughly enjoyed!! You are so full of energy & joy it's contagious!

I truly believe that things happen for a reason and tonight proved my belief (again.)

My husband and I believe in the Law of Attraction and we have watched the secret numerous time. I write in my gratitude journal and I have my vision boards (yes, I have numerous boards) up and I am truly grateful for everything in my life.

However, I have been feeling stuck and trying to get over some obstacles and I can't put my finger on why.

So I am thrilled to start reading your book and uncovering the layers that are blocking my flow.


xxxxxx Kxxxxxx

( I was the one that told you about my experience @ xxxxxby's health store and how I was embarrassed of the amount of money I spent on the vitamins that made me sick)